System Integration
Software Development
Technical Consultancy
Maintenance and Support
System Integration
Our system integration services help , simplify and optimize their operation and business support back-end systems and tools.
This way, they can launch new services faster and at lower costs while keeping business continuity.
Software Development
As an experienced software development, we provide various engagement models (consultancy, project-based, development center) and pricing options (time and materials, fixed-price), according to your business needs.
Our software development services are based on the latest technologies, proven methods and processes, and the expertise of our teams in:
  • Development languages
  • Development frameworks
  • Testing frameworks
  • Cloud software development: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Graphical application frameworks
  • Databases
  • Application servers
  • Configuration management
  • Operating systems
  • Proprietary technologies
Technical Consultancy
Our project and program management experts can assure a smooth implementation of the recommended changes and lead you through a successful transformation.
  • detect bottlenecks before deploying new systems, services or upgrades
  • increase the efficiency of your testing efforts and enhance test coverage
  • predict your system behavior and performance by simulating a broad range of test scenarios
Maintenance and support
To ensure the permanent availability of our customers’ solutions and systems we provide 8×5 technical maintenance and support services.
We approach maintenance and support projects both from a managerial and a technical point of view, aiming to create long term partnerships with our customers.